Guidance for Patients sending in Photographs

  • If possible, another person should take the photo for you.
  • Ensure you are taking a photo in a well-lit area (ideally with natural light) and avoid shadows.
  • Your photo should ideally be taken on a plain background.
  • Make sure you take a photo that is in focus (keep the camera far enough away from the site until the image focuses).
  • Please try to hold still or rest your limbs on furniture to keep it still.
  • If you are taking a photo of something on your arm/leg, your photo should show both arms/legs to allow for a comparison to the other arm/leg.
  • Take at least 2 photos: One close up and one showing the wider area.
  • Ideally you should take lots of photos and send us the best ones.
  • Take some photos from different directions.